Neuropelveology Procedures  


Neuropelveology procedures

Neuropelveology is a relatively new field within gynecology. This field focuses on the pelvic nerves that have always been there, but have been poorly understood by gynecologic surgeons until recently. Prof. Marc Possover is the pioneer of this field and Dr. Einarsson has had the privilege of spending some time with him on a number of occasions in the operating room in Zurich. Conditions that fall within this field include endometriosis of the sciatic nerve and sacral nerve roots, pudendal nerve entrapment and sacral nerve root entrapment. While conservative management is often the first option, surgical management is sometimes required, and this is offered by Dr. Einarsson both in Iceland and in Boston.

Average recovery time: 3 weeks (range 1-6 weeks). However it is not uncommon for patients to initially have complete relief of symptoms, followed by resurgence of pain that can be worse than before and then gradual decline in symptoms over the next 6 months. Patients often need treatment with neuroleptic medications during this time


Video from Overview of the pelvic nerves

Warning: The video on hysterectomy provides a detailed and graphic insight into the surgical procedure, intended for mature audiences due to its explicit content and medical nature.

Neuropelveology procedures